Visiting Boston and Wondering What You Shouldn’t Do When You Go to Boston? Here we cover the don’ts of Boston. From tourism tips and eating out misteps to overrated locations.
The Don’ts of Visiting Boston
Filmed in Boston, MA, USA
Copyright Mark Wolters 2016

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10 thoughts on “Visit Boston – The DONTS of Visiting Boston”

  1. Duston Landscapes says:

    Rule one don’t come to Boston we don’t like outsiders

  2. Emma says:

    *don’t insult St. Patrick’s Day*

  3. Ed Cowan says:

    All the ilegal ,s all 78,000. Should be moved to washington dc

  4. Slappy says:

    No. 1: Don’t go to Boston.

  5. sara mercer says:

    I recommend the Boston Duck Tours

  6. Steve Harcar says:

    Don’t wear a maga cap, very liberal city, almost as liberal as San Francisco.

  7. Norbero Fontanez says:

    I Jahs’ go BAH’ Happin’🍺🍸🍻🍷🍹😜

  8. CMD 3 says:

    Best chowder in the city is in this hole-in-the-wall places down near the harbor.

    Lives there for years and have been to literally hundreds of places, so I think I’m safe in my assessment

  9. Paula Richards says:

    Thanks for the don’ts. But it is the Boston Common, there is only one. ‘Common’ is short for common grazing ground where any one could bring a cow or sheep. Also the first such public space in America. And one can still legally bring an animal to graze on The Common.

  10. Grace Scott says:

    I’m from south of Boston and I didn’t even know jaywalking was illegal or fine worthy I thought it just wasn’t recommended

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