Finally I have done editing this video!! We went to United State back in June for our graduation trip and Boston has become my most favourite city in US. Love the people, the food, the weather and everything there. Hope you enjoy this video!

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6 thoughts on “Travel Vlog: Follow us to Boston 跟着我们去波士顿吧!”

  1. Off The Beach落沙灘 says:

    Nice viddd

    1. Evelyn Ma says:

      Thank you!

  2. huixian tan says:

    SMH i am hungry again after watching this video

    1. Evelyn Ma says:

      Wait! I thought canoli was the highlight of our trip?? HAHAHAHA

    2. Kylie Tee says:

      no canoli pls HAHAHAH

    3. Evelyn Ma says:

      Supper time?? XP

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