Because of my schedule, I’m operating with no sleep. However, I decided to celebrate my 14th anniversary with my wife by surprising her with a trip to Boston.

We literally are going to the airport, picking a destination based on the weather, and flying there without any luggage. How exciting (or crazy)! And we did a lot… Got around on the T, visited restaurants, went to the Public Market, checked out Harvard Square, and much more.

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16 thoughts on “Spur of the Moment Trip To Boston, Massachusetts With No Luggage”

  1. Anton Daniels says:

    Have you ever just went to the airport with no specific destination in mind, picked a location, and just went (with no luggage)? That’s exactly what I did when I went to Boston, MA. Where should I go and do next?

    1. QuickenDude09 says:

      A bro. Love the video’s. I grew up in Detroit and recently “Exploring With Josh” came to the D and was looking for ideas. it might be a come up for your channel to show him around. He’s got a huge audience and was talking about a Detroit Series of episodes. Hopefully this helps. Peace P.S. My finders fee is Sweetwater Wings. Lol

    2. William Thomas says:

      Anton Daniels Relatable, it’s always good too see likeminded individuals because a lot of people just don’t have that spontaneous side lol seems y’all had a good adventure, my pointers exactly

  2. Lutrix says:

    Congrats on the 14 years that is awesome!

  3. benchedthatpiece says:

    I do it every Saturday, I hop in the car and go and wherever I end up is the place to be. Great video and Happy Anniversary!

  4. XxCruzerxX 07 says:

    Hey Anton haven’t seen your videos in a while not been getting notifications

  5. Crystal Monique says:

    Love it! Happy Anniversary to you two !!

  6. H.H. foxaddict says:

    So you both “Home Aloned” it to the airport lol. Boston looks like a neat city. Next time you feel like doing some spontaneous travel come on out West, I’ll show y’all my favorite places around Salt Lake City

    1. Anton Daniels says:

      I’m actually looking forward to coming to SLC

  7. Kim Douglas says:

    Hey there.. Glad to see you again! Great video and Happy Anniversary to you both!👍🏻👍🏻

    1. Anton Daniels says:

      Thank you so much

  8. Kapone 313 says:

    U should explore my old school Stephens on Seneca and Lambert not to far from Kettering

    1. Anton Daniels says:


  9. Multiply says:

    8:56 Northern copperhead lives there forsure

  10. Robert A says:

    He’s alive! I was starting to think that the restaurant killed you. Glad to see it’s all working out.

    1. Anton Daniels says:

      I’m figuring it out 😉

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