Hey guys join us on day 1 of our trip to Boston. We fly out early on Spirit Airlines. Get to Boston and picked up by Bob’s sisters Joy and Heather. Joy lives in Mass. Heather lives in Indiana. We then head over to Fanueil Hall and Quincy Market for lunch.
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27 thoughts on “Boston Trip Part 1 Orlando to Boston and Fanueil Hall and Quincy Market”

  1. Bob & Ashley says:

    Hey guys join us for part 1 of our trip to Boston.

    1. Bob & Ashley says:

      The BITELYS hopefully will get them out quickly, have over 350 clips and 65 gigs to go through

    2. Bob & Ashley says:

      mkpat my email is bob7fish@gmail.com or message on Twitter or Instagram

    3. The BITELYS says:

      Looking forward to the rest!

    4. mkpat says:

      Is there any way for you guys to send us to exchange contact info? I think my email is in my profile.

    5. Bob & Ashley says:

      mkpat 👍 yeah

  2. Ray Eden says:


    1. Bob & Ashley says:

      Ray Eden well that explains that

    2. Ray Eden says:

      Bob & Ashley He got a gig with C.S.I. 🙂

    3. Bob & Ashley says:

      Ray Eden Norm but no Sam

  3. barbara pariso says:

    Last weekend was terribly cold and the wind chill didn’t help. You choose a bad weekend to come North!!! Have never been to Boston. Have wanted to go but something has always stopped me! The food I hear is fantastic!!! Hope you had fun@@

  4. Just Out 'n About says:

    Brrrr… I was cold just watching!!! 😨 Looks like the start of a great weekend!! ~Dawn

    1. Bob & Ashley says:

      Just Out ‘n About I believe the high while we were there was 36. But we loved it all. Was an awesome weekend

  5. Sofrito says:

    Great video guys. Jus moved to altamonte hope to meet you guys sum day.

    1. Bob & Ashley says:

      Sofrito sounds good 👍

    2. Sofrito says:

      +Bob & Ashley i dnt have any social media so ill jus be a pain in ur dms on here. Thx again. Keep up the great wrk

    3. Bob & Ashley says:

      Sofrito thanks so much. Welcome to the area. Just follow us on Instagram or Twitter, usually say what park we will be at or message us to see

  6. The BITELYS says:

    OMG, -7! We’ve never been in negative degree weather, and I don’t think I want to! 😄 You guys are champs! Yay, Boston!

    1. Bob & Ashley says:

      The BITELYS that was our first time as far as we can remember. When we lived in Schweinfurt Germany neither of us remember if it ever went into the negatives

  7. Joe Capobianco says:

    Hey there Bob & Ashley…Wish we knew you were coming up here. Would have come and said hello!…Love the videos, really good stuff and looking forward to part 2!…We subscribed after the Oasis Cruise, which we’re going out on next month!…Cheers!!

    1. Bob & Ashley says:

      Joe Capobianco we had to keep it kind of quiet and not say where or what we were doing for a surprise party that happens in part 2.
      Oh that’s awesome thanks so much, hope you guys have the best time. We loved our cruise on that ship

  8. Leonard Dionne says:

    That market is awesome. Went there last April!

    1. Bob & Ashley says:

      Leonard Dionne it is you can spend a day there eating and checking it all out

  9. Main Street Mom says:

    Oh my goodness this southern girl could not handle -7°! But looks like a good time to visit boston to avoid crowds. 😂

    1. Bob & Ashley says:

      Main Street Mom yes it was Cold but we didn’t stay out in n it too long. And found out it’s all about layering your clothes. Glad we left on Monday and missed the craziness of the parade they were having for the Patriots

  10. Nancy Insinga says:

    Enjoyed the video the weather is what I deal with all winter can’t wait to move to Florida who is Kylee? keep warm see you both for part two

    1. Bob & Ashley says:

      Nancy Insinga Kylee is our daughter. Florida is so much warmer.

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