Our Boston travel guide! We braved a Boston February to explore this amazing east coast city and we had a fantastic time, what a city.
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Boston is a legendary city and was the backdrop to several important moments in U.S. history. Not to mention the famous food, the great beer, and the incredibly friendly people – this episode is not to be missed!

The best beer in Boston – Trillium Brewing http://www.trilliumbrewing.com/

Where we stayed: The Liberty Hotel http://www.libertyhotel.com/

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12 thoughts on “Boston Travel Guide”

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    1. 谢隽然 says:

      Attaché you guys shou l d come to Guangzhou in China,great city and a perfect combination of history and modern metropolitan.

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  2. Alexandra kaidan-Berry says:

    lol don’t think he is brewing that beer. he looks so unsure of himself!!!

  3. Davanthall says:

    I’m a native Bostonian, and sorry but you already violated my most important tip from the very beginning of this video: DO NOT COME HERE IN WINTER!!! You are only doing yourself a disservice. Our Winters SUUUUUUUCK!! It’s absolutely beautiful here in Boston during literally any other season, but between the months of Mid-late November to early April, STAY AWAY. You’ll freeze your butt off otherwise!

  4. APS - Pictures says:

    Hah the humour is much appreciated, great vid as always Attache team!

  5. Louise MacDonald says:

    Don’t forget Arlington


  6. jj5697 says:

    FYI the T fair has gone up since 2006 I live Boston .

  7. KL says:

    Visit the Mapparium (a huge inverted 1930s glass globe that you walk inside.) And the Ether Dome at Massachusetts General Hospital … a surgery theater where the first use of ether was demonstrated. They have a mummy and a human skeleton in there too. Two really neat and somewhat obscure places.

  8. 3506Dodge says:

    Why would you need an ATM? You can check your accounts on your phone app and get cash from many stores when making a purchase.

  9. 3506Dodge says:

    He says “for an American airport” in EVERY American city tour. Are airports in other countries gold-platted and jasmine scented marble palaces?

  10. Emilka G says:

    Taking the Silver Line shuttle from the airport to South Station is free! Very important detail that seemed to have been left out.

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