Boston is such a beautiful and fun city! Everyone is so friendly and there is so much to do, eat and drink. I hope you enjoy my suggestions of 10 Amazing Things to do in Boston, Massachusetts
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1. Spend the afternoon in Boston Common

2. Go Shopping on Newbury Street

3. Walk the Freedom Trail

4. Visit Fenway Park

5. Grab a bite and a beer at Union Oyster House http://www.unionoysterhouse.com/

6. Enjoy all the fabulous parks

7. Stroll along Boston Harbor

8. Eat at the Barking Crab – I highly recommend the clam chowder and clambake. And they have live music! http://barkingcrab.com/

9. Tour Cambridge at night

10. Eat at Oleana http://www.oleanarestaurant.com/

I personally love exploring cities by foot and Boston is a very walkable city. There is so much history to take in! But if you need a break you can always use the hop on and off trolley system. Happy travels!

You’ll also love 15 Amazing Things to do in Washington DC! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ep9VRML4bx4

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18 thoughts on “10 AMAZING things to do in Boston // Boston Travel Guide – Stuart Brazell’s Bucket List”

  1. Mark Darko says:

    Great guide that brought back fun memories. Boston is my favourite place in the world and I am hoping to be back there next year. I have to try The Barking Crab next time!

    1. Sleek Star 99 says:

      Vro I live in Boston it is definitely not the best place it’s only good for the education but the codzilla boat ride in aquarium is good 👍🏼

    2. Stuart Brazell says:

      Thanks for watching!!! 🙂

  2. Kovačević Dobrina says:

    She’s a hot one.

  3. Frame 50 says:

    We’re you able to check out Faneuil hall? I really enjoy your tour videos. You make them informative and fun.

  4. Bikechanic says:

    The Common was sooo amazing! I want to go back so bad

    1. Stuart Brazell says:

      me too!!

  5. BEACH LIFE78 says:

    Great video i really want to visit here soon 🙂

    1. Stuart Brazell says:

      do it, you will have a wonderful time!

  6. Oliver Nanetti says:

    Check out green dragon tavren

    1. Stuart Brazell says:

      will do!

  7. Christopher Britton says:

    I really enjoyed this tour and that clam chowder looked really good!

    1. Stuart Brazell says:

      I wish I had a bowl right now!!!

  8. Harambe32206 says:

    awsome next go to Dorchester

  9. Santana Binacci says:

    what time of year were you there? it looks like beautiful weather!

    1. Stuart Brazell says:

      I was there in June and it really was?

  10. Timmy Boch says:

    i love Boston

    1. Stuart Brazell says:

      me too!

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